Registration Department

Government of Puducherry

About US

The Registration department,Puducherry has the unique distinction of being having French registration system much before the system of registration of documents started in rest of India.

The System of Registration of documents on immovable properties and all related transactions was introduced by the then french regime which was a systematic and cataloged record keeping system.This french system of registration was in existence from the year 1800 to 1969, which precedes the Indian system of registration which was introduced by the british only during the year 1908.

The then registration office of the French regime has 2 Divisions namely Bureau de enregistrement and Bureau de hypothèques. All the property transactions were solemnized and registered before the specially appointed french Notaire.

At present, the Registration Department is governed by Indian Registration Act, 1908 and Pondicherry Registration Rules, 1969

The NIC,Puducherry has developed and implemented a customized registration software called EPATHIRAM by which registration of documents were computerized from the year 2006 in all the 11 Sub-Registrar offices spread over 4 Enclaves/Regions of Puducherry,Karaikal, Mahe and Yanam. E-Stamping was introduced in the year 2013 and is being maintained separately through a government of India Agency SHCIL Ltd. From the year 2018 onwards, Online Marriage Application-cum-appointment booking system , Online Document Input Entry-cum-appointment booking system and Online EC were introduced.

The ultimate objective of this department is to fully computerize all the activities and services provided to the public so as to achieve a transparent, reliable and speedy service in line with the objective of Digital India Mission of Government of India

The Registration Department functions directly under the Department of revenue and Disaster Management(DRDM)

Organization Setup

The Department Contains one District registrar office and 10 Sub-Registrar Offices

List of Sub-Registrar Offices under District Registrar

  1. SR Urban
  2. SR Rural
  3. SR Marriage
  4. SR Oulgaret
  5. SR Thirukannur
  6. SR Bahour
  7. SR Villianur
  8. SR Karikal Town
  9. SR Neravy/T.R Pattinam
  10. SR Thirunallar
  11. SR Mahe
  12. SR Yanam


  • Registration of Documents relating to sale, lease, mortgage, partition, gift etc
  • Registration of Marriages
  • Issue of certified copies of all registered documents
  • Issue of Encumbrance certificate
  • Registration of Chit institutions under Chit Funds Act

Duties & Powers of Registering Officers

  • Registration of Documents
  • Maintenance of registered Document in the Form of Books
  • Creating Index of the Registered Documents
  • Issue of Encumbrance Certificate (EC)
  • Issue of certified copy of registered Documents
  • Maintenance of Record Room
  • SR has to verify and make Endorsement in all documents accepted for Registration
  • Registration of Hindu Marriage and Special Marriage
  • Registration of Chit Institutions and Chit Funds

Services Provided to the citizens

  1. Registration of documents
  2. Certified copies of documents
  3. Issue of encumbrance certificate
  4. Registration of Hindu marriages solemnized
  5. Solemnization and registration of special marriages
  6. Issue of extracts of Marriage registered under Hindu Marriage Act, Special Marriage Act