Registration Department

Government of Puducherry

Certified Copy

  • Fill up and submit the Application
  • Attach an Stamp Paper of value Rs.5 (Five Rupees)
  • Payment of Fees
  • Collection of CC
  • Applicant can get certified copy of any documents like Sale, Exchange, Mortgage etc,
  • Copy of Will registered can be obtained only by the testator.
  • After his demise, anybody can apply and get copy on production of death certificate of the testator.
  • Copy of Power of Attorney document can be given only to the parties to the document
Fees for Grant of Certified Copy
Type of record Rate per Page
Copying Manual records(for each page) 5.00
Copying Computerised records(for each page) 10.00

Fees for Grant of Certified Copy of Marriage Certificate
Type Rate
Certificated copy of Marriage Certificate (for each copy) 10.00
Search Fee (for every year) 5.00
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Application Form for CC

Application Form for Marriage Certificate Certified Copy