Registration Department

Government of Puducherry

Government Acts

  • Registration Act, 1908
  • Hindu Marriage Act, 1954
  • Special Marriage Act, 1955
  • Indian Stamp Act,1899
  • Transfer of Properties Act, 1882
  • Power of attorney act, 1882
  • Chit Fund Act, 1982

Amendments and Rules

  • Pondicherry Registration Rules, 1969
  • Indian Stamp (Pondicherry Amendment) Act, 1970
  • Registration(Pondicherry Amendment) Act, 2004
  • Pondicherry Registration(Amendment) Rules, 2004
  • The Puducherry Stamp (Payment of Duty by means of e-stamp) Rule, 2010
  • The Pondicherry Document Writers License Rules, 1977
  • Hindu Marriage (Pondicherry Amendment) Act, 1971
  • Pondicherry Hindu Marriage(Registration) Rules, 1969
  • Pondicherry Hindu Marriage (Registration) Amendment Rules, 2007
  • The Chit Fund (Pondicherry) Rules,1986
  • The Pondicherry Document Writers License (Amendment) Rules, 2003

Goverment Orders , Circulars & Notifications

  • Women Purchaser Concession
  • Women Purchaser required documents gazette notification
  • Table of Fees Revision Gazette Notification dt.05/08/2008
  • Memorandum Registration Procedure of Revenue Department dt.20/02/2004
  • Circular related to Refusal of Registration of General Power of Attorney-Instructions of DRDM dt.03/02/2014
  • Stamp Duty Revision Gazette Notification dt. 08/03/2017
  • W.P 40799 of HC Elephant G.Rajendiran-Registration of Unapproved Layouts
  • Circular Transactions based on Unregistered Wills - Prevention of fraudulent transactions
  • Circular-Restriction of Input entry in e-Pathiram and mandatory submission through online application e-Pathirapathivu for documents regis tration - Reg
  • Circular-Submission of "Life Certificate" at the time of registration of instruments exectued documents registered based on General Power of Attorney Dt.30/08/2019
  • Cicular-Issue of Online Encumbrance Certificate and Certified Copies of Registered Documents/Marriage Certificates Dt.02.07.2021
  • Circular-Complaints-Fraudulent Registrations- Cancellation of Registration of Documents Dt. 05.08.2021
  • Extending Benefit of remission of 50% in Stamp Duty for Women_Purchaser Order dated 06.10.2022